how do I tailgate…alaska?


There sure is a lot of planning and preparation needed in order to have a successful snow adventure to alaska. Thankfully tailgate is here to help you get the most out of your trip. there are a few main things you need to add to your checklist like getting tickets to the festival and arranging your travel itinerary to thompson pass. taking avy classes, getting the right gear, and exercising throughout the winter are also important steps to ensure your trip is dope!

We’ve got some new things going on this year at tailgate that will help each person tailor their trip to their specific goals. scroll down to find out!

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Everything you’re ever going to need to know about Tailgate Alaska can be found anywhere other than on our website. But don’t worry because it’s pretty easy to find and we’re gonna be blasting it out on the daily.

The number one place for all related Tailgate Alaska 2019 information is on Facebook Event Page.  (Yeah, we kinda hate Facebook too, but it works really well for this kind of stuff)

Beyond that be sure to check out our other channels to keep up to date on all things Tailgate





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I’ve got two tickets to paradise.

Ticketing is a little different this year. Learn more about and purchase tickets HERE.

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i still have no idea what the hell I’m doing.

That’s okay. None of us do. All we can think about is powder.

Contact us with any questions HERE

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