Dustin H. James - Executive director // 406-491-0187

Dustin needs no introduction. 


Jeff Sponzo - Sponsorship sales // 860-670-0055

Sponzo, our pride and joy pro boarder, grew up on the east cost where he made a name for himself competing in rail jams, slope styles and big air events from 2001 and 2009. Following his glory (and two years of traveling between coasts), he moved to Tahoe for some steeper, wilder action...and it was the best thing he ever did: He's now a backcountry addict. (Don't worry, he'll still compete in any event he's invited to...please hit him up!

In 2013 he landed his first pro model snowboard with the Japanses snowboard company Gilaffe; he films both in the back country and the street; does a lot of traveling for GBP Gremlinz's movies and web series; and in 2016 we got him hooked on riding back country Alaska during his first Tailgate. 

He now splits his time between Tahoe and traveling / filming in other mountain regions around the world in search of that next run. In the summer you can find him boating, beachin', wakeboarding, and farming in the Tahoe area.  

Sponsors (current in bold): Arial 7 Head Phones, Atomic snowboards, Brap Boiz, Darkside Snowboard Shop (Killington VT), Dan Egan's, GBPsnowboards, Gilaffe Snowboards, Gremlinz, Flux bindings, Jammy Packs, Mo Pros Mtn. Equipment, New York coin, Phunkshun Wear, Red Bull, Sandbox Helmets, Stinky socks, Sapient Snowboards, Surf the Earth Snowboard Shop, 3CS Outerwear, 32 Snowboard Boots, 802 snowboards



Jim O'Leary  - Sponsorship sales // 610-730-6011

Originally from Pennsylvania, Jim has lived in Ohio, California, Delaware, and a few miserable years in Miami, but now gets to live in Boston which is a significant improvement. He first made it to Alaska in 2018 and has been scheming on how to get back ever since. Jim is a pretty mediocre snowboarder, but makes up for it with solid backcountry safety awareness and by being completely willing to make a fool of himself. He's helping Tailgate out with brand partnerships, planning, social media, and of course running the dang thing this spring. When not working with Tailgate Alaska, he's helping run the snowboarding website and works as a freelance copywriter. Come Tailgate you'll probably find him scared shitless getting bumped on a snowmobile or in the party tent arguing passionately that the Appalachians are better than the Rockies.


Brix Hahn - Office momager // 907-304-0141

Brix manages the Tailgate office (spoiler: It's located in the cloud!), website, meeting minutes, scheduling, and all the paperwork no one else wants to keep organized!

Born and raised in Nome, Alaska, she is an Alaska Top Forty Under 40 award recipient, former U.S. Senate intern, newspaper marketing manager, chamber of commerce event director, and now pays her bills though freelance writing, web development, and commercial fishing.

For the last four years she has been based out of Anchorage and now, also, Homer, Alaska. She splits her time between sailing across seas in Europe and skiing mountains in Alaska.

**Brix is currently sailing from Europe to the Caribbean (August to December). Please allow a couple days for her to reply to emails. If you have an urgent matter, please ask another staffer to contact her directly through her satellite phone.


Mark Sullivan - Father of Tailgate

Mark is the father of Tailgate. He now takes a back seat to day-to-day organizing, but please send him some love!

Event staff

Before and after the event we need staff to set up and take down our tents. During our 10 day event a different staff mans office hours, runs events, and assists sponsors. If you're interested in working before, after, or during Tailgate Alaska, please contact Brix: