Dustin H. James - Director


Jeff Sponzo - Sponsorship sales


Jim O'Leary  - Sponsorship sales


Brix Hahn - Office manager // 907-304-0141

Brix manages the Tailgate office (spoiler: it's located in the cloud!), website, scheduling, and all the paperwork no one else wants to keep organized!

She splits her time between sailing across oceans and skiing mountains. Born and raised in Nome, Alaska, she is an Alaska Top Forty Under 40 award recipient, former U.S. Senate intern, and pays her bills though freelance writing and web development. She is based out of Anchorage, Alaska. 


Mark Sullivan - Father of Tailgate


Event staff

Before and after the event we need staff to set up and take down our tents. During our 10 day event a different staff mans office hours, runs events, and assists sponsors. If you're interested in working before, after, or during Tailgate Alaska, please contact Brix: