My name is Mark Sullivan and I started Tailgate Alaska over 10 years ago with a simple goal, to make riding in Alaska safe, practical, and affordable for riders with the desire but not necessarily the budgets typically used for a heli trip to Alaska.


Working as editor-in-chief of Snowboarder Magazine and as founder of Snowboard Magazine, I realized very quickly that Alaska was on a level all its own as far as conditions and terrain were concerned, yet there was no practical way for the average rider to have the kind of world-class experience that professional athletes have had for the last two decades in the area. Tailgate Alaska was founded to address this issue.


Over its 10-year history, we have hosted a who's who of professional athletes and media professionals from around the world. More importantly we have turned thousands of regular riders on to what we consider the pinnacle experience of winter sports.


We  have found that many of the professional athletes who attended our events have moved on, but the recreational participants return year after year to form the core of what we call the Tailgate Alaska Family.


These dedicated participants have become, over many years, some of the most experienced users in the area - in fact many past participants have gone on to guiding in the area, and one even started his own heli operation. Tailgate Alaska has proven itself to be the gateway to getting the most on a trip to the area.


Tailgate Alaska is not for everyone - the amenities you find in places like Whistler or Squaw Valley simply do not exist here. It is a more rugged, DIY, true backcountry riding experience. You are camping out in Alaska, after all. What we do have are the terrain and conditions that are regarded as the best in the world, bar none.


So if you have seen Alaska in countless magazines and videos, we are here to say that you too can ride the biggest mountains and best conditions you have ever seen - or anyone has seen. Our 11th Edition of Tailgate Alaska kicks off March 30th -  and gives every rider the chance to take their riding to another level with boundless powder and terrain progression.


Thanks,  Mark Sullivan