Skin, split, vert, snowshoe, and bootpack - you can do it all straight from basecamp. Just make sure you don't vert when you should be splitting.  LEARN MORE

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Thompson Pass is great for sled-assisted skiing and snowboarding and can allow you to get much farther into the mountains from basecamp. If you don't have your own make sure to bring some extra cash and make friends with those who do fast for sled bumps to zones. If you do bring your own sled try and make sure it's a long track. You don't want to be these guys. This year Ski Doo will be coming to Tailgate and doing free educational clinics and demos of their snowmobiles.





The planes are back! Fly with Zack Knaebel, Alaskan Bush Pilot, owner operator of Tok Air Service. Tok Air Service's specialty is glacier and mountain flying, and they focus on backcountry skiers and split boarders interested in accessing the Chugach. Tok Air Service can offer the best value and customer service for individuals wanting to experience raw and remote glacial expanses and mountain slopes in places few people have ever been. Contact them here.



Riding via helicopters can be a crown jewel of life experience. If you have the means, we highly recommend setting aside a few grand to “get some.” It may seem expensive but the memories are priceless. (In most cases, like the best runs you have ever taken, period.)

Beyond having the bank roll to make it work, there are a few strong advantages to riding in helicopters. First and foremost, you get high up in the mountains effortlessly and have a guide to shepherd you and three friends through it all. The guide is there to show you the goods and to make sure you don’t kill yourself. It is extremely important to follow your guide’s instructions closely — not doing so could cost you your life. (Not having a guide means you are on your own.) Booking ahead ensures you will not get shut out of the experience. We recommend two local operators. Black Ops Valdez and Alaska Rendezvous Heli-Guides. LEARN MORE