Tailgate Alaska is like a camp for adults where you get to choose all of the activities. - choose where to stay, how to access the best mountains in the world. We offer a facility for camping with all of the amenities you can expect for being in the remote Alaskan wilderness. In the evenings we have a daily entertainment program that includes snow safety classes, our legendary 'Man Games' events, parties, and concerts under the northern lights.

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STEP 1: Get your ticket!

A 10-day ski and snowboard festival with snow-science and survival education, sled-riding clinics, side events with giveaways, live DJ and radio show, vendors, and parties throughout the duration. Click below to find out what your ticket gets you.


STEP 2: Get to Thompson Pass!

The Tailgate Alaska festival is located 30 miles north of Valdez, Alaska right in the heart of Thompson Pass - the most beautiful mountains in the world! Once you have a ticket the next step is figuring out how you're getting to Alaska and where you will stay while you are there. Click below to find out how it's done. 


STEP 3: Get in the mountains!


Okay, so now you have made it this far and you are in the Tailgate Alaska parking lot in beautiful Thompson Pass. The final step is to figure out how you're going to get into the mountains for the best runs of your life. Fortunately being at Tailgate Alaska gives you a plethora of options on the type of access you want - an a la carte menu of heli, sled, plane, and touring. Whatever your budget is TGAK has got you covered for getting into the Alaskan backcountry.