Getting to Alaska

We welcome all kinds of wintersports enthusiasts to Tailgate Alaska — whether you ride a snowboard, a powdersurfer, skis, snowmobile, telemark, kite, monoski, or just love mountains. Nobody is any cooler than anyone else — whether you won a gold medal at the Olympics or are embarking on the trip of a lifetime from flat lands, everyone is equal in the eyes of Mother Nature. It is about riding within your limits; then finding new ones. Once we get to Thompson Pass we are all on the same level. Here are a few of the preferred methods:












We recommend that you stay right at our basecamp at mile 29.5 Richardson Highway. The preferred lodging of choice is a motor home. People have made all types other living arrangements from school buses, 4-season tents, vans and trucks, snow caves, and one crew even builds a temporary cabin for the duration of the event. There are various hotels in Valdez and if you tell them you are with the Tailgate Alaska festival they sometimes have special rates. 

We partner with GREAT ALASKA HOLIDAYS in Anchorage as our preferred RV renter. They offer special rates for Tailgate Alaska ticket holders. Visit their website or call to book. Check the video below for more info: