Introducing a new way to do Tailgate Alaska.

This year we are instituting a fresh ticketing scheme that better allows each Tailgater to tailor the trip to their needs. Whether you’re coming for the whole 10 days or just a weekend you’re gonna find a price that works for you. Plus, with the new neighborhoods concept you are gonna be able to camp out next to like minded freeriders. We have two types of tickets you will need. One, the ALL-ACCESS PASS, is something every individual will need. Then, depending on the size of your crew, you will need to purchase one or more LOT SPOTS.

all-access passes

The first thing you gotta do is get your ALL-ACCESS PASS. This gets you into the event and everything it has to offer, the beer garden and concerts, the man games, the bathrooms, WiFi, free Tailgate swag, the morning meetup, and our speaker panels. EVERYONE NEEDS THIS.

Full price for an ALL-ACCESS PASS is $250 ($25/day) - although we are running some pretty epic pre-sales in the hope that you guys buy early! As low as $150 ($15/day).


LOT SPOTS - your home on thompson PAss

If you want to stay onsite (WHICH IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED), you and whoever you’re camping with needs to purchase your LOT SPOT. Your LOT SPOT will be your home on Eazy E Street. The “road” will be divided into different neighborhoods that each represent a different style of Tailgating. Bringing a sled and like 30 kegs? We have a neighborhood for that. Want to wake up and do sunrise yoga with our founder Mark Sullivan? We have a neighborhood for that. LOT SPOTS are $300 each and give you enough space for a motorhome and some extra space for sleds, or vehicles, or a homemade firepit, or your very own outdoor yoga studio (Mark Sullivan). If you have a large group you might want to consider purchasing more than one LOT SPOT. We are really stoked to see the creative camps people make.

When you purchase your LOT SPOT we will contact you with a number that will let you choose your LOT when the LOT SPOT marketplace opens up in January. Don’t worry - once you pick a spot you will be able to choose a different available one if your buddies decide they want to come and you prefer to be camped out next to them. That is the greatest thing about the Marketplace - is that it lets all the people coming from around the world communicate with each other about their trip. There’s been plenty of times throughout the year where someone has rented an RV on their own and filled it with random snowboard dirtbags and ski bums from around the world! This also lets the weekend warriors enjoy it by being able to split the cost of their LOT with another crew that can only do a weekend, albeit a different one, as well.

*NOTE ON ALL-ACCESS PASSES AND LOT SPOTS: Both are nonrefundable. however, they are fully tansferrable should you not be able to make it. if something comes up you can also put your ticket toward your trip the following year (for example TGAK 2020).